About your Account

Who can become an affiliate?

Anyone can become an affiliate! All you need to do is fill out our registration form and wait for the approval email from Affiliates team (it can take up to 24 hours). As soon as your account is activated, you will get full access to all our affiliate tools.

Will it cost me anything to join?

No, being our partner is 100% free and you will be ready to earn money from day one.

How do I sign up as an Affiliate?

Just use the registration form and fill in all the fields. The sign-up is very simple and easy.

Do I need to have a website to join?

Yes. If you want to become our affiliate, we should be able to see and check your website.

What does a ‘valid referral’ mean?

To become a ‘valid referral’, a customer you send to us via your affiliate link should be over 18 years old and should comply with our player terms and conditions. You must also operate under our affiliate terms and conditions while promoting website.

I have several websites; do I need to register more than once?

No. Whether you have just one website or a hundred, you only need to register once. We provide simple tools to track multiple websites under one account. Our system allows creating a unique referral link for each of your websites, making it easy for you to check the number of clicks, player sign-ups and your earnings for every site.

Will you accept my website?

We accept the majority of websites; however, your site(s) will be reviewed to ensure that the content is considered acceptable and not damaging for our brand Affiliates Team reserve the right to refuse membership to a site or revoke a site’s membership at any time if we deem that it contains objectionable content or images (e.g. of a pornographic or racially prejudicial nature, etc.).

How does a customer become associated with my affiliate account?

Each link that connects your site to contains a unique tracking ID. It helps to track impressions, clicks, registrations, deposits/withdrawals and play activity of your referred customers on our site. That information is stored in our database and is accessible via your affiliate dashboard. Impressions and clicks form the part of live reporting and all other player activities are available to view on the next day.

How do I get my tracking Referral link and banners?

Affiliate links and banners are only available to our approved partners and can be accessed via your affiliate dashboard.

How many WinnsBet affiliate links I can put on my website?

Feel free to put as many affiliate links on your site as you like.

Can I use WinnsBet’s content on my site?

Yes. We have content available to all our affiliates that you can use to enhance your site and (hopefully) increase the number of players and revenue.

Is there negative carryover?

No there isn’t a negative carryover. In the event that the total Net Revenue from your referred player is negative for a given month.

What is the minimum payout amount?

Minimum withdrawal amount is €300 without your payout option commission. All Affiliates shall be paid monthly, in arrears.

I already have an account, how do I get started?

Login to your account, go to ‘Marketing Tools’ > ‘Get Your Ads’, choose a campaign and grab the tracking link – you can now start earning money instantly! You can always ping your Affiliate Manager or reach out via email if you need any help with the above mentioned.