Standing Out

If you haven’t noticed, affiliate marketing is very competitive. Nowadays, most affiliates spend loads of money on advertising each month – so how do you compete? Our affiliate Tips, Tricks and marketing advice will be to stand out! Don’t just set up a Sports Betting or a Casino site. Instead, why not try a site focused on a particular Sport, or even better why not set up one for a specific player/athlete or competition?


Top Content

SEO and PPC marketing are good however you want to drive as much organic traffic to your site as possible. Search engines like Google reward sites with well written content. Don’t completely ignore your standard SEO approach, such as Meta tags and circular links while making sure that your site is a place that people want to visit.


Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer’s wants and needs is vital.  We have the tools to provide you with all the data you need to understand which customers convert well. Some perform well with Casino, some with Sports and others with Poker. Distinguish which customers are the most profitable and change your content and style to suit those customers.


Cleaning Up

Research has proved that a site with a few banners will massively outrun a site with an excessive amount of banners. Rather than increase the number of overall clicks, too many banners will frighten away a potential referral…You don’t want to seem desperate.

An affiliate marketing tip not only for beginners will be not to ‘annoy’ your customers with pop ups or any other forced action techniques as they simply don’t work and will have your visitors never coming back. Also never exaggerate an offer as this will only discredit your site. Remember; honesty and transparency rewards trust.



Search engines now rate pages by their loading speed, meaning that investing into a dedicated server hosting package is a valuable expanse as site downtime can really affect your Page Ranking.



A slick, up-to-date, professional looking site will always exceed an amateur one. We are at the peak of identity fraud, spyware & viruses, so an ace looking site can help you inject confidence in your visitors.